Fall in love with your liver.

The one organ we hardly ever spare a thought for is the liver. It is this organ performs many vital functions without which we would not be alive. That is why the liver needs a little more appreciation and love for all its hard work. And if you learn to love your liver, you will take better care of it to prevent life-threatening liver diseases. So, here a few reasons that will make you fall in love with your liver-

  1. Producing prompt energy.
  2. Key role in fighting infections
  3. Produces bile.
  4. Maintain the balance of important hormones including sex hormone, thyroid hormones and other adrenal hormones.
  5. Regulates our supply of essential vitamins and minerals
  6. Maintain cholesterol and convert in other essential substances.
  7. Produces essential body proteins involved in transporting substances in our blood , clotting of our blood and providing resistance to infections.

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