Leading causes of liver diseases.

There are three main causes of liver diseases.

  1. Alcohol
  2. Obesity
  3. Viral Hepatitis.

Fat deposits can build up in our liver which can cause inflammation and scarring. This is more likely to happen if your are overweight , diabetic or drink too much alcohol.

There are many viruses that can cause hepatitis , the common one are Hepatitis A , B , and Hepatitis C. Most people recover from Hepatitis A with no lasting liver damage but Hepatitis B and C can cause long term liver disease – cirrhosis of liver or even liver cancer also.

Now we discuss about the importance of Ayurveda treatment in this situation. Ayurveda medicine helps to stop destructive activities of these virus and reduce virus load also. It helps to stop further scarring of liver tissue and support rejuvenation of liver tissue. As the scarring stop patient will gradually recover from liver disease.

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