Phytochemicals are define as bioactive nutrient plant chemicals in fruits , vegetables , grains and other herbal / Ayurvedic plants like Guduchi , Amla , Haritaki , Punarnava etc.
These phytochemicals provide desirable health benefits beyond basic nutrition to reduce the risk of major chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases , stroke , Obesity , Diabetes , High blood pressure ,Cancers Arthritis and other chronic ailments.
Now we try to understand how these phytochemicals work : They stimulate immune system slow down the inflammatory process and growth rate of cancer cells. It prevents DNA damage that can lead to cancer and other chronic diseases. It remove toxins from the body.
So the conclusion is Ayurveda is the best science to prevent all major chronic diseases. for disease free , healthy and happy life please follow the principles of the great Indian medical science THE AYURVEDA.

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