Liver – all about amazing organ.

Liver is the largest inner organ of our body located under our rib cage on right side.

Major liver functions : Digestion , Metabolism , Detoxification , Storage , Production and Immunity.

Major liver diseases are Hepatitis , Auto immune Hepatitis , Liver cirrhosis , Fatty liver disease , Biliary atresia , Hemochromatosis , Liver cancer , Wilson disease , Liver failure .

People suffering from chronic liver disease are mostly suggested liver transplantation that is very major , complicated and expensive surgery which can not viable for every patient compare to that Ayurveda has the best treatment for chronic liver diseases. In mild , moderate and moderately severe liver disease Ayurveda has the best treatment available. Ayurveda treatment is in the form of tablet and liquids.
Nectar like medicine of Ayurveda helps to stop further scarring of liver tissue and also rejuvenate liver cells.

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