Liver diseases and Ayurveda


Many people with liver diseases do not look sick or feel any symptoms while the liver damage is happening once symptoms or complications appear it is often too late to reverse liver damage. so if you feel any discomfort in abdomen , loos of appetite , weakness or nausea vomiting than please consult your Doctor immediately to diagnose the disease. We at Expert Ayurveda provide excellent Ayurveda treatment for advance / end stage liver diseases – liver cirrhosis , Non alcoholic fatty liver disease , Ascites , Hepatitis and for other chronic liver diseases. please check out our website for testimonial and to book appointment.

A chronic liver disease patient with Ayurveda treatment

On August 2013 I received a mail from Mr Ashish Simalti from Moradabad in uttar pradesh as following….

My father is suffering from Chronic liver disease with Ascites which detected two and half months before by doctor when he vomited blood. He has Hepatic encephalopathy due to liver damage.My question is , I read your article and listen your testimonial on your website , I am very happy to know that Ayurvedic treatment has the power to help in liver cirrhosis. Sir please help me. My father can not come to your clinic because he has bedsore grade three and physically too weak to even walk, he can not sit , he was in hospital for two months and seven days. Can I send all reports to you so that you can thoroughly check and guide me. I live in Moradabad (U.P)

After checking reports of Mr Patiram Simalti I convinced him to start Ayurvedic treatment asap to stop further scarring of liver cell. Ayurvedic treatment is able to help in end stage liver diseases/liver cirrhosis. We started Ayurvedic treatment and patient got some relief, his liver panel improved gradually. Appetite improved and energy level increased. Abdominal discomfort and pain disappear slowly. overall immunity improved and patient was able to perform his daily work without any problem. Ayurvedic treatment continued for one year and for last three years Mr Patiram simalti enjoying good health.

I want to share with you response of his son Mr Ashish simalti … on January 3 2014 as following.

overall reports are very good he is feeling normal now thank you very much Sir for this I will always thankful to you for such miraculous improvement in my father’s health, I was in college for my thesis work that’s why there is delay in reply. Ashish Simalti.

So conclusion is Ayurvedic treatment is the best option for any type of liver disease/ liver cirrhosis or fatty liver disease.

Psoriasis and Ayurveda treatment.

Psoriasis is a chronic skin diseases , overactive immune system , genetic and environmental factors plays a role. Ayurveda has the best treatment for this chronic disease , diet restrictions and Ayurveda medicine help to recover from Psoriasis.

 We at Expert Ayurveda support patients online and in person. We answer patients’ questions and help them to understand their disease and how Ayurveda treatment will help them.

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Gastroesophageal reflux disease and Ayurveda

Gastroesophageal reflux disease occurs when stomach acid flow back to esophagus , in this disease symptoms are mainly heart burn and stomach content flow back to mouth.

Mostly lifestyle and diet changes help to manage this disease. Ayurveda suggest following points.

avoid hot ,sour ,spicy and oily food.

Eat when you feel real hunger.

Avoid overeating.

Eat your dinner at least three hours before your bedtime.

Dry black grapes and Amla is the best to manage symptoms of GERD.

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Constipation is a condition in which patient may have fewer than three bowel movements per week. Constipation Patients feel hard , dry or lumpy stool. patients feel very difficult or painful bowel movement and feeling of something is left or block in bowel.

Constipation is a chief cause of piles , fissure and fistula.

Ayurveda the science of life has the best natural treatment for constipation and other digestive disorders. for more information please check