Fatty liver disease

Fatty liver disease can happen at any age and can affect both young and old people. However if diagnosed early further damage to liver and different complications of liver disease can be prevented with Ayurveda treatment. Ayurveda – the science of life easily treat fatty liver of different grade.

Exercise , a good healthy diet and adopting an active lifestyle can help to lose weight and this will help in fatty liver. At Expert Ayurveda we combine weight loss plus rasayan medicine to give faster and best results.

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Liver diseases and Ayurveda treatment.

Liver diseases can be managed through Ayurveda treatment , at Expert Ayurveda Dr Paresh Thakkar  treated number of patients suffering from chronic liver diseases successfully. To check testimonials and case studies of different patients please visit www.expertayurveda.com

Ayurveda medicine stop further scarring of liver tissue and helps to rejuvenate. Powerful herbs of Ayurveda remove toxins from body , eliminate virus infections , suppress fibrogenesis and inhibit oxidative damages.

Liver diseases and Ayurveda


Many people with liver diseases do not look sick or feel any symptoms while the liver damage is happening once symptoms or complications appear it is often too late to reverse liver damage. so if you feel any discomfort in abdomen , loos of appetite , weakness or nausea vomiting than please consult your Doctor immediately to diagnose the disease. We at Expert Ayurveda provide excellent Ayurveda treatment for advance / end stage liver diseases – liver cirrhosis , Non alcoholic fatty liver disease , Ascites , Hepatitis and for other chronic liver diseases. please check out our website for testimonial and to book appointment.

Too much sugar , salt and saturated fat in diet ?

Do you know too much sugar, salt and saturated fat in diet can have similar effects as too much alcohol to your liver. yes it is true because it will increase fat build up in your liver and your liver is full of fat. This fat build up can further damage to your liver, when liver is full of fat it can not perform all of its 400 to 500 vital functions.

It become progressively more damaged to the point of developing liver cirrhosis and even HCC (Hepatocellualr carcinoma ) – liver cancer.

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