Liver diseases and Ayurveda treatment.

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f you are suffering from chronic liver disease then to avoid a liver transplant, please think about ayurvedic treatment. At Expert Ayurveda. We have treated number of patients suffering from advance / end stage liver diseases which is a serious issue. In some cases, one may need to go in for an immediate liver transplant, barring those emergency cases, if the patient comes to us at an earlier stage, we can help them to recover from chronic liver disease.

Liver diseases the way to diagnose.

Certain liver diseases – to identify them we need to check some highly specialized liver tests.

1. Anti nuclear or anti smooth muscle antibodies may help to diagnose Auto immune Hepatitis

2. Immunologic test mainly the antimitochondrial antibody decide the presence of Primary biliary cholangitis .

3. Ceruloplasmin deficiency indicate copper metabolism disorder called Wilson disease.

4. Elevation in the serum iron , and ferritin indicate Hemochromatosis.

5. HBsAg HBV DNA for diagnosis of Hepatitis B and anti HCV antibodies , HCV RNA to decide Hepatitis C

Ayurveda has the power to guide in these liver diseases.

Liver Functions Tests

Liver function tests are blood test used to decide our liver health. These tests measures certain enzyme and protein in our blood, the most common liver function tests are AST , ALT , Alkaline phosphatase , Albumin , bilirubin , Prothrombin time and INR

These tests indicate our liver health status and help us to diagnose liver disease. These tests are very easy and convenient for patient so if anybody have complain or symptoms like abdominal discomfort , loss of appetite , nausea , vomiting , general weakness must check liver functions tests.

Early diagnosis of liver diseases is very important to avoid advance / end stage liver diseases. Ayurveda the science of life has the best treatment available for chronic liver diseases.

Liver health and obesity.

Many of us are over weight and don’t do enough exercise. people who have unhealthy diet and irregular lifestyle live with over weight or Obesity.

These people with obesity or type two diabetes are more at risk of developing fatty liver disease.

Regular half an hour walk and healthy diet definitely help to reduce weight and to control sugar level.

At Expert Ayurveda we provide proper guidance to patients for Ayurveda treatment and healthy diet to achieve lively health

Digestive system and Ayurveda.

The digestive system – from mouth to anus , mainly made up of esophagus , stomach , small intestine , large intestine and anus. It also includes salivary glands , liver , gall bladder , and pancreas which make necessary digestive juice and enzymes that is important to break down food into nutrients which our body uses for energy , growth , cellular repair , to boost up immunity , and to rejuvenate cells.

Ayurveda – the science of life guide us to keep our digestive system healthy. Ayurveda medicine is very effective and safe to treat various diseases related to digestive system.

Viral Hepatitis and Ayurveda

Viral Hepatitis – there are several types of viruses (Hepatitis A , B , C , D and E) that cause inflammation to liver and badly affects liver’s health.

Hepatitis B and C are severe liver infection , in some patients these infection lasts more than six months become chronic Hepatitis.

With chronic Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C – it increases risk of developing liver cirrhosis ( a condition that scar liver tissue) , liver cancer or liver failure.

Ayurveda the science of life helps in this situation. Ayurveda medicine stop virus replication thus reduces viral load. with the help of Ayurveda medicine we can stop further liver damage and also rejuvenate liver tissue.

Liver – all about amazing organ.

Liver is the largest inner organ of our body located under our rib cage on right side.

Major liver functions : Digestion , Metabolism , Detoxification , Storage , Production and Immunity.

Major liver diseases are Hepatitis , Auto immune Hepatitis , Liver cirrhosis , Fatty liver disease , Biliary atresia , Hemochromatosis , Liver cancer , Wilson disease , Liver failure .

People suffering from chronic liver disease are mostly suggested liver transplantation that is very major , complicated and expensive surgery which can not viable for every patient compare to that Ayurveda has the best treatment for chronic liver diseases. In mild , moderate and moderately severe liver disease Ayurveda has the best treatment available. Ayurveda treatment is in the form of tablet and liquids.
Nectar like medicine of Ayurveda helps to stop further scarring of liver tissue and also rejuvenate liver cells.

Ayurveda – way to lively liver.

Ayurveda – guide to take care of your liver.
Enjoy a healthy home cooked meals with seasonal salads and fruits.
Reduce the exposure to chemicals in day to day life.
Quit smoking and tobacco chewing.
Avoid alcohol.
Walk and play like a child for half an hour a day.
Eat dry black grapes it helps to slow down the liver damage process and improve your digestion.
Take Triphla to clean your bowel and remove the toxins from your body.

Reversing liver damage with Ayurveda

The liver is the only organ in the human body that is able to replace damaged tissue with new one.

However in certain situation liver gets affected and can not repair itself completely , especially when it is under attack from a virus , alcohol, liver cirrhosis or any of chronic liver diseases.

Ayurveda has the power to help the liver in this situation. Ayurveda medicine help in following manner.
to stop further scarring of liver tissue also regenerate liver cells.
Remove the toxins from the body.
Stop virus replication and thus eliminate virus infections.
Prevent or inhibit tumor growth.

Liver damage and Ayurveda treatment.

Liver damage can lead to liver that is swollen , shrunken , hard or scarred. In this situation liver is not able to perform its functions properly.
Nectar like herbs of Ayurveda help to reduce swelling and stop further scarring of liver tissue.
Ayurveda medicinal plants and phytochemicals (active ingredients of herbs) treat chronic liver diseases by :
Inhibiting oxidative damages.
Suppressing fibrogenesis
Eliminating virus infections.
Preventing or inhibiting tumor growth.

so the final advice is Ayurveda is the best choice for the treatment of liver cirrhosis or any chronic liver disease.