A healthy gut and Ayurveda.

A healthy gastrointestinal tract plays a critical role in overall health. According to Ayurveda almost ninety percent disease occur due to poor gut health (the physical state and physiologic functions of the many parts of the gastrointestinal tract.)

Ayurveda helps to optimize gut health naturally. A varied herb based treatment is very effective to treat digestive diseases.

At Expert Ayurveda we offer treatment for chronic liver diseases and other digestive disorder.

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Facts about liver transplant in India.

In India alone every year around twenty five thousand patients need an emergency liver transplant , however availability and the demand cannot be matched due to high demand , the cost involved , risk and complications of major surgery.

This is where Expert Ayurveda comes in , Dr Paresh Thakkar at expert ayurveda offer treatment for chronic liver diseases. Dr Paresh Thakkar practicing Ayurveda for last twenty eight years and successfully treated number of patients suffering from advance / end stage liver diseases. for testimonial , case studies and more information kindly visit us at www.expertayurveda.com

Liver cirrhosis

Every year thousands of patients diagnosed with liver cirrhosis in India. At Expert Ayurveda Dr Paresh Thakkar helps patients to fight this deadly disease with Ayurvedic treatment.

The good news is that not all patients diagnosed with liver cirrhosis need a liver transplantation. If diagnosed early and intervened at right time the liver transplant can be avoided.

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Liver diseases and Ayurveda treatment.

Liver diseases can be managed through Ayurveda treatment , at Expert Ayurveda Dr Paresh Thakkar  treated number of patients suffering from chronic liver diseases successfully. To check testimonials and case studies of different patients please visit www.expertayurveda.com

Ayurveda medicine stop further scarring of liver tissue and helps to rejuvenate. Powerful herbs of Ayurveda remove toxins from body , eliminate virus infections , suppress fibrogenesis and inhibit oxidative damages.


protein synthesis by the liver.
The liver is one of the most important organs for making proteins.
everyday Liver produces or transforms millions of protein molecules. proteins are made from amino acids. proteins have many vital functions in our body.
1. useful in growth and maintenance of body tissues such as muscles, the heart , kidneys and blood vessels  2. transports vitamins and minerals around the body.
3. acts as catalysts to speed up metabolic reactions  – these proteins are called enzymes.
4. some regulates the patterns of all the different activities within a cell.
ALBUMIN : Albumin present in high quantities in the blood. Albumin used to bind hormones , certain chemicals and drugs.Albumin also regulates the exchange of water between blood and tissue.If the liver is not able to synthesis enough albumin a build up of fluid in the tissues may occur this is associated with cirrhosis when fluid may build up in ankles, the feet (oedema) or in the abdomen that is called Ascites.
IRON : The liver stores iron and releases as and when it is needed.iron is toxic to the body’s cells so the body attaches it to a protein in the liver iron is bound to the protein ferritin   when liver disease is related to an increase in amount of ferritin in the liver it may cause damage to tissues and organs this is called Hematochromatosis 
iron is also essential for making hemoglobin this helps to transport oxygen in the bloodstream. if there is not enough iron to make Hemoglobin this may lead to anemia. 
AMMONIA CONVERSION : Ammonia is a toxic substance derived from metabolism of protein , the liver converts ammonia to urea which is water soluble non toxic and excreted by the kidneys. Liver dysfunction in cirrhosis affects the conversion of ammonia to urea that leads to build up of ammonia in blood. and this is the reason for Hepatic encephalopathy.  
To keep your liver  healthy Ayurveda is the best come to Ayurveda and feel the power of Nature.